Why Does Spotify Keep Crashing? Fastest Way To Fixed The Crashing Problem

Spotify is a popular music streaming service that allows users to listen to their favorite songs. Unfortunately, it seems like the app crashes quite often for some people. If this has been happening to you and wants to know why does Spotify keep crashing and how to prevent Spotify from crashing, keep reading!

How do I know When Spotify Crashes?

Spotify crashing can be a very frustrating thing to deal with, especially if it is happening regularly. What does Spotify crashing mean? Well, this could have multiple meanings.

Some of the things that may indicate your Spotify has crashed are an error message showing up on the screen or no music playing whatsoever. Another way you might notice something is wrong is that ads will automatically play during songs, and there’s not much you can do about it!

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Why Does Spotify Keep Crashing?

This question can be a little tricky to answer, but it could have something to do with the device you are using. If you’re on a PC, ensure your antivirus is up to date and running correctly.

If you’re on an iPhone or iPad, then updating apps may help prevent Spotify keeps crashing in the future.

Another reason why Spotify might crash is that there’s not enough memory left (you need at least 500MB of free space), so if this has been happening regularly, just delete some old files!

And finally, sometimes when we download new songs they’ll take up all our storage and cause problems like crashes too! Make sure you leave enough room for both music downloads and offline playlists.

Spotify keeps crashing because of –

  • Backdated Spotify App
  • Failure of network connection
  • Because of the device’s hot or cold
  • Device Memory problem
  • Spotify server issue
  • Other software and hardware problems.

How to Solve Spotify Crashing Problem?

Spotify’s crashing problem can be a real pain. Especially when you’re halfway through your favourite song and the app crashes on you or freezes for an extended period. It’s even worse if your Spotify experience feels smooth-sailing one minute, only to come crashing down in flames the next. How to Solve Spotify Crashing Problem? We’ve got some tips to help prevent Spotify from quitting unexpectedly so that we can avoid those cringeworthy moments when our music comes screeching to a halt!

1. Update Spotify App:

Update Spotify App,spotify app crashing
Update Spotify App

If you’re running an older version of the app, it might be time to update your Spotify app. Low memory on your device could also be a culprit for why Spotify keeps crashing too! Updating will help solve both problems and stop crashes in their tracks.

To check what version of Spotify you have installed, go to “Your Library” from the home screen and click on “My Music.” Your current date should appear in the top right corner next to “Version”. If there’s no number or anything else just below that, congratulations – You are one step ahead!

Solution: Update It Right Away!

“When upgrading any apps, sometimes it fixes bugs that cause them not to work properly before. Spotify’s most recent update, for example, solved the crashing issue some users were experiencing.”

When you open your app, it may prompt you to install a new software version. If not, go into “Settings” on your device and select “Apps.” Find Spotify in the list and then click on “Uninstall Updates.” Once completed, download fresh updates from either Google Play or Apple App Store (depending on which one you use)

# To Update Your Spotify App on iOS:

  1. Open up the App Store and go to the “Updates” section
  2. Scroll through all available updates until you find a recent release date for Spotify. If there is one (sometimes it takes a while), tap “Update” for that specific application

# On Android Devices:

  1. Open the Google Play store and search for the latest version of Spotify, then install this new version with some patience.
  2. After installing the updated or new version, restart the device so that changes take effect properly.
  3. You may also want to delete old data from previous versions so cache space isn’t clogged up! This will help reduce crashes because apps need more memory as they get older, so you don’t want too much from a previous update to be lingering.

# On Windows device:

  1. Open the Microsoft Store app and search for Spotify.
  2. Tap “Update” to install a newer version of the application

2. Spotify Keeps Crashing Because of Failure Network Connection

why does spotify keep crashing, Spotify Keeps Crashing Because of Failure Network Connection
Spotify Keeps Crashing Because of Failure Network Connection

Some users are experiencing Spotify crashes due to a failed network connection. One way of dealing with this is by ensuring that your WiFi or cellular data signal is strong enough to stream without interruption. If you have an unlimited and fast internet plan, then it may not make sense for the app to crash in the first place because there should always be a good connection available!

Make sure that other apps, such as Skype, Facebook, Google Hangouts, etc., work well on your device. These applications use up more resources than Spotify, so if they’re running smoothly, then the chances are high that Spotify will too!

Switching from mobile data (or wireless)to WiFi can also help prevent these crashes since some networks may not be reliable. If you have a data or wireless plan with limited data, we suggest limiting your streaming to save on your monthly allotment.

In short:

  • Ensure the WiFi connection is strong and not overloaded by other apps using up more resources than Spotify.
  • Switch from mobile data (or wireless) to WiFi for increased reliability of network if desired because some networks may not work well with the Spotify app
  • Limit streaming time to conserve monthly internet allowance when bandwidth is slow or running out of plans!

3. Spotify App Keeps Crashing Because of Overheating or Freezing Device

One of the most common causes for Spotify keeps crashing is an overheating or freezing device. When your phone, tablet, laptop, or other device becomes too hot, it can cause the Spotify app and programs running in the background on your computer will become unresponsive. Sometimes, these apps might even close automatically.

When Spotify crashes for no apparent reason, try turning off background processes (such as games) and checking for other updates available to your computer/device. If none of those things works, then it’s possible that either there was a system update recently that crashed phones when they were updating or an app running in the background that has stopped Spotify from working.

4. Spotify Crashes Because of Device Memory Problems

When the Spotify app crashes, it’s usually due to a problem with how much memory your device has available. Memory is consumed by many things on our devices, such as running apps and background processes – many of these can sometimes cause low levels or even outright lack of memory for other tasks like using applications.

To fix this issue, try closing all of the unused applications that are open in the background (such as games) and restarting Spotify; if you’re still not able to use it, then consider turning off some features so that they don’t keep consuming power when they’re inactive (like WiFi). If none of those things works, then there might be an app installed which crashed Spotify when starting up.

5. Spotify Keep Crashing Because of Spotify Server Issue

Spotify Twitter update account, Spotify Crashing
Spotify Twitter

Sometimes Spotify crashes due to an error with the Spotify server. This is why Spotify keeps crashing.

In this case, you’ll be able to use the app again once it’s back up and running.

6. Spotify Crashing Because of Others Software and hardware problems

 Spotify crashing is often due to the software or hardware that your computer uses.

It may be a driver or card-related issue, an antivirus software conflict, or an overheating laptop.

The most common causes of Spotify crashes are:

  • Running an antivirus program (disable it and see if this fixes the problem)
  • Install a new application on your device that is causing conflicts with other apps, for example, by using too much RAM; try uninstalling any recent app updates and see how that goes – you might find one of them was responsible for all those Spotify crashes.
  • Downloading an antivirus malware protection tool like Bitdefender or Kaspersky, which can interfere with Spotify’s streaming process.

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How can I Prevent Spotify Crashes in the Future?

You can easily prevent Spotify’s future crashes by doing a few steps:

  1. Avoid running Spotify when your system is low on memory
  2. If you’re using antivirus software, turn off the real-time scanning option to prevent conflicts with other apps; otherwise, uninstall it and see how that goes.
  3. Keep an eye out for any new app updates that may interfere with your device performance and stability – they are often released without being properly tested or reviewed by the developers, so try disabling them as soon as possible.
  4. Turn off the animated backgrounds in your device settings to reduce battery usage and improve performance.


Now you know why Spotify keep crashing and how to fix it. Find the solution to your problem. Let us know in the comments below! If none of them works then, please get in touch with the Spotify support team. We hope this article has been helpful; if so, please share it with a friend through one of our social media buttons at the top right corner of this post. Thanks for reading!

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