Why Is Spotify So Slow and How To Fix It Easily

Spotify, the famous music gig, has taken place in the heart of million music lovers. It holds a massive collection of good music and super functions. But wouldn’t it be great if the app ran faster? You may be ripping your hair off thinking aloud why is Spotify so slow. Well, there might be a lot of reasons; but of course, there are solutions as well.

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Reasons behind Spotify being so slow

We all are familiar that Spotify runs on computers and smartphones with the compatible version of the app. It even works on browsers with Spotify web player. However, you may find your version of Spotify slow for many reasons. Some of them are figured herein:

  • Over a poor internet connection, you may discover that Spotify takes forever to load any content. Low bandwidth problem turns Spotify app not working with expected speed.
  • Disrupted operation sometimes makes Spotify desktop app slow. The disruption may occur during the app installation process or playing music.
  • Spotify desktop app can become very slow for excessive usage of RAM or cache memory by other software. It can also happen on smartphones if multiple apps work in the background simultaneously.
  • Some unusual settings can make Spotify slow on computers or smartphones. Even, some may find Spotify web player not working properly for the very same reasons.
  • Excessive files on local hard drive may turn Spotify desktop app slow. You should not forget to clear Spotify cache files on a regular interval to ensure a smooth run.

Make Spotify app faster on a Windows PC

The solution to your wonder why Spotify is so slow awaits here if you are a Windows PC user. Spotify for Windows OS sometimes runs very slow due to overflow of cache file on the local drive. Here, we’ll learn how to clear Spotify cache to make the Spotify desktop app faster.


  1. Go to the designated folder for Spotify in AppData in your local hard drive. You may access the folder using this route map on the windows explorer: Drive C > Users > Username > AppData > Local > Spotify.
  2. Look for Browser, Storage and Data folders therein.
  3. Access each of the folders and delete all the files inside.
Make Spotify app faster on a Windows PC,Why Is Spotify So Slow



  • Go to the roaming data folder of the Spotify for Windows app. Take this lead: Drive C > Users > Username > AppData > Roaming > Spotify.
  • Look for ‘perfs’ file inside the folder.
  • Open ‘perfs’ file in Notepad, and add this special text at the end of the file: storage.size=1280.

[Note: This text will fix a limit to the cache files which they won’t cross. You can decide any other size of cache limit according to your necessity.]

  • Save the file.

With the above help, hopefully, your Spotify desktop app will start playing tunes smoothly once again. Spotify app performance largely depends on local drive status.

Make Spotify app faster on a Mac

Is Spotify slow on Mac, which you have never imagined would happen? Unlikely, Mac PCs can lag as well when cache files overflow, or multiple apps are active. However, why is Spotify so slow on Mac OS is still a burning question to get answers.


  1. Open Finder on your Mac computer.
  2. Click on ‘Go’ option from the menu bar and select ‘Go To Folder’ option from thereon.
  3. Type in this route address: ~/Library/Caches/com.spotify.client/, and hit the Enter button to access.
  4. Select everything inside the folder and delete all of them.
Why Is Spotify So Slow,Make Spotify app faster on a Mac



  • From the Finder on your Mac, hit on ‘Go’ menu and select ‘Go To Folder’ option once again.
  • Type this folder address: ~/Library/Application Support/Spotify/, and access the folder with a hit on the Enter button.
  • Check for a file named ‘perfs’.
  • Open ‘perf’ with TextEdit, and add the following text at the end of the file: storage.size=1536.

[Note: The added text will limit the cache files size up to 1536 MB. After that Spotify won’t accumulate cache files beyond that bar. You can set alternate size of cache limit of your choice.]

  • Save the file, and finally, remove the folder titled PersistentCache.

After executing the steps above, you should be able to resolve Spotify slow on Mac problem. Keep a keen eye on the degrading performance of Soptify app. 

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Run Spotify app faster on a smartphone

Just like desktops, you probably have experienced that Spotify takes forever to load something on your smartphone. Thinking about why is Spotify so slow can get very frustrating. But now you can enjoy seamless and smooth music streaming with Spotify.

Here is a simple trick to follow when you find Spotify slow on your smartphone:

  1. On your android device or iPhone, open Spotify app.
  2. Tap on ‘Home’ button and select ‘Settings’ menu.
  3. Tap on ‘Storage’ option, and finally, go with ‘Delete cache’ option from there.


Still Spotify app not working smoothly? Try this section

Till now, Spotify should be working on your home device at the usual speed. You have taken all the above measures, though you can find that Spotify takes forever to load music or search results. This section covers what you should when your issue is not solved yet.

When you find Spotify slow on Mac, or Spotify for Windows running with degraded speed, try these tricks. These will also work for your Spotify mobile app:

  • Restart the app, and then try logging out and back in your Spotify account.
  • Free up spaces on the RAM by closing background operations of other software.
  • Always ensure that you are using the updated version of the app.
  • Try a clean reinstallation of the Spotify app, use the verified version by the actual developer.
  • Sometimes, an attempt to play any unavailable songs can make the app lagging. Check why Spotify can’t play this right now.
  • Check if you have an active internet connection, and try restarting your machine for once.
  • Use an optimal setting to run the app with the utmost speed.

Concluding remarks

The question why is Spotify so slow can be torturing to many of the users. Instead of enjoying the good music, they begin to worry about running at the Spotify desktop app slow. But there are many solutions if you are getting downgraded performance from Spotify. And these solutions should work out on any desktop or mobile device.

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