How To Change Spotify Playlist Picture? The Ultimate Guide

Spotify is not just a simple music streaming app; it gives life to your music bud. You can keep your favorite tracks into a playlist, craft multiple playlists according to your mood, circumstance, or priority.

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You can give projection to your playlist with images that suit the songs inside as you do with your profile by changing Spotify username. But, if you are not aware of how to change Spotify playlist picture, this article will come handy for you.

Spotify’s Playlist Cover Photo Size and Format?

Before moving to know all about changing playlist covers, we must understand the primary requisites for Spotify playlist covers. Spotify cover arts for your playlist must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Playlist cover must be in JPEG format, else Spotify won’t let you set it as playlist picture.
  2. The minimum resolution for the Spotify playlist cover is 300×300 pixels.
  3. The maximum filesize for your playlist image can be 4MB.
  4. Images for the Spotify playlist should be square in shape.
  5. Cover arts must not violate copyright, trademark or personal image rights at any locality.

How To Change Spotify Playlist Picture On Desktop App

If you are wondering how to change Spotify playlist picture while you are Spotify desktop app, this section answers your question. On your desktop app, change Spotify picture for your playlist in the following manner:

1. Open the Spotify app for the desktop where you have log in your account.

2.From the left pane, you’ll find the playlists you have created on your own or those from other users you have followed.

How To Change Spotify Playlist Picture On Desktop App

3. Select the playlist that you have crafted by yourself. Note that you can’t change Spotify playlist covers of the playlists you are following.

4. When you move the mouse cursor to the playlist image, it’ll show a pencil icon. Click on that icon to edit your playlist details.

How To Change Spotify Playlist Picture On Desktop App

4. In the ‘Edit Playlist Details’ window, you are allowed to modify the name, description, and image of the playlist.

5. Click on the three dots (…) on the top-right corner of the playlist image and select ‘Replace image’.

How To Change Spotify Playlist Picture On Desktop App

6. Select your desired photo for the playlist picture.

7. Click on the ‘Save’ button to finish the process.

How To Change Spotify Playlist Picture On Desktop App

How To Change Spotify Playlist Picture On iPhone

It’s not possible to change Spotify picture for your playlist on iPhone directly. But, with some indirect tricks, you can change it with some repeated try. It’s good to mention here the default Spotify playlist cover will be the collage of the first four songs’ images.

Now, here’s how to change Spotify playlist picture on your iPhone:

1.Open Spotify app on your iPhone

2. Go to the ‘Playlist’ tab from ‘Your Library’ on the app.

3. Open the playlist on which you want to test the new Spotify cover art.

4. Tap on the three dots (…) on the top-right corner of your selected playlist.

How To Change Spotify Playlist Picture On iPhone

5. Tap on the ‘Edit’ button and then the ‘Edit Playlist’ menu will appear on the screen.

How To Change Spotify Playlist Picture On iPhone

6. Now, rearrange the songs in that playlist to change the existing playlist cover.

7. Rearranging is possible by holding the parallel horizontal bars next to each song on the playlist.

8. Each time you rearrange the songs, collage of the first four songs’ images will be the new playlist picture.

How To Change Spotify Playlist Picture On iPhone

Though you can change profile picture on Spotify with your iPhone, it’s not possible to put a customized image on your playlist. To try on a new customized image of your choice, you must use a desktop app.

How to Change Spotify Playlist Picture Using The Android App?

Unfortunately, the android version app doesn’t allow us to change Spotify picture for a playlist. What is does, is just let you change the name of a playlist. Other than that, to make any edits to the playlist, you have to use a desktop app.

However, if you don’t have any issues signing in through any third-party apps, you can search for apps on Google Play Store. There are many available apps that’ll help you to edit your Spotify playlist on android phone. But there’ll be a risk of breaching your privacy if you do so.

What should you do when you are unable to change playlist picture?

While trying to change playlist picture on Spotify, you may face some difficulties. Sometimes, even after completing the whole process to change the picture, it won’t show on playlist immediately. On top of that, the function may be available to you, but you’ll find that the ‘Save’ button is not working. Sometimes after several attempts, it’ll pop an error message – “Failed to upload an image, please try again”.

If you are failing to change your playlist cover on a desktop app, try the following way outs:

  • Close and reopen the desktop app and try again to change the image.
  • Try logging out from the app and logging in again if you fail to change the playlist image.
  • Try a complete reinstallation of the app if you fail to change Spotify’s picture for your playlists.
  • Complete the process of changing covers and wait for some minutes. Evidently, the new covers appear on the playlists after some time lapsed.
  • Ensure that your chosen photo meets the minimum requirement for being a Spotify cover art for playlists. Also, ensure that it meets playlist images guidelines.

If you are wondering how to change Spotify playlist picture on an iPhone or Android device, then it’ll be disappointing to say that you can’t. You’ll be able to shuffle up your playlist picture on your iPhone but can’t put a customized picture on your own. On the other end, android devices won’t allow you even to edit the playlist image.

Tips For Selecting Spotify Playlist Covers

Spotify Playlist
  • For playlists, choose pictures with an aspect ratio of 1:1, i.e., choose a square-shaped image. Spotify resizes any photos to a square-shaped one when uploaded as a playlist image. Spotify will resize pictures at a 1:1 aspect ratio forcefully if they are not square-shaped, and it may become unusual.
  • Don’t choose any image that doesn’t meet with community standards, or Spotify’s playlist image guidelines. If you do so, eventually, they will take it down. In worse cases, your account may get locked down.
  • You’ll fail to replace Spotify cover art with images that go beyond 4MB. So before starting the process, check if our image size is within the maximum limit. If not, try converting the image down to a compatible size.
  • Always choose a 1:1 aspect ratio while converting the image. Or keep a similar aspect ratio while converting a square-shaped image for the Spotify playlist picture.


How to change Spotify playlist picture remains an all-time query from the valued users. Though limited to the desktop apps, you can change covers for your playlist according to your taste and will. Or you can make removal of them if you like it to be random with your songs’ covers. This feature of playlist edit will make your stay with Spotify much enjoyable.

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